About Dr. Oyamakin

Teaching experience at University level

Undergraduate Level

STA 112 – Descriptive Statistics     4 Units

STA 112 - Probability I     4 Units

STA 121 – Statistical Inference I     4 Units

STA 131 – Statistical Computing I     2 Units

STA 211 - Probability II     4 Units

STA 323 - Design and Analysis of Experiments I     3 Units

STA 331 – Statistical Computing III     2 Units

STA 342 – Demography I     3 Units

STA 351 – Biometric Methods I     3 Units

STA 451 – Biometric Methods II     3 Units

STA 459 – Demography II     3 Units

STA 422 – Logical Background in Statistics and Decision Theory     3 Units

Postgraduate Level

STA 724 – Biometric Methods     3 Units

STA 757 – Statistical Bioassays     2 Units

STA 762 – Statistical Genetics     2 Units

STA 759 – Survival Analysis     2 Units

STA 792 – Demographic Analysis     2 Units

STA 729 - PGDS Project     4 Units

STA 730 - PGDS Seminar     2 Units

STA 750 - M.Sc. Practical Project     6 Units

STA 770 - M.Sc. Research Seminar     2 Units

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Administrative Responsibilities

Deputy Coordinator (DLC Diploma)     2013 - 2017

Deputy Coordinator – Masters in Actuarial Science     2014 - 2016

Final Year Coordinator     2015/2016

Course Coordinator (Advisor)     2012 – to Date

Member, Departmental Postgraduate Committee     2015 to date

M.Sc/PGDS Coordinator     2016/2017 Session to Date

Member: Quality Assurance Committee     2016/2017 Session to 2017/18

Seminar Coordinator     2016/2017 Session to 2017/18

Board Member, Faculty of Technology, UI     2016 - 2017

Deputy Coordinator, UI-LISA (University of Ibadan Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis)     2015/2016 Session to 2017/18

Member, (Congregation representative) Senate of the University of Ibadan     2017 - to Date

Academic Volunteer & Mentee (Working Tean) University of Ibadan Research Foundation (UI-RF)     2014 to date

Deputy Coordinator, Open and Distance Learning programme of the University of Ibadan in the Department of Statistics.     2017/2018 Session to Date

Secretary, Senior Staff Club, University of Ibadan, Nigeria     2018 to Date

Research Project Supervision


Undergraduate Level     60

Postgraduate Level (M.Sc. & PGD)     15


Undergraduate Level    6

Masters (M.Sc.)    11

MPhil/Ph.D.     1

Ph.D.     1

Community and Consultancy Services

I have given public lectures within and outside the University. These included "Logistic Regression Modelling with R" delivered as part of the workshop series organized by the University of Ibadan Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (UI-LISA) held in 2015. I was also the guest lecturer at the 2018 Government College Ibadan Valedictory Speech and Prize giving day where I gave a career talk on "Career Choices". I also gave a teaching on "Empowerment" at the just concluded Citizens Chapel Annual Convention organized by the Citizens Chapel Int'l, beside Ayefele Music House, Challenge, Ibadan in September, 2018. I organize as well as moderate the (UI-LISA) One Hour with a Statistician on behalf of the department, it's a programme where we reach out to users of statistics through interactive discussions of methods that are mostly abused by users. Furthermore, as a Deputy director and member of the UI-LISA Laboratory team, I have participated in solving clients' statistical challenges both within and outside the University Community. At the last AGM of the Senior Staff Club, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, I emerged as the Secretary of the Club and I have since been functioning in that capacity to date.

I work as a consultant at the Centre for Environment, Renewable Natural Resources Management, Research & Development (CENRAD where I design field experiment/Sampling and Data generation for analysis on available resources for plantation management. This was a consultancy service on volume estimation of WOODS for LAFARGE & WAPCO PLC. Report submitted to the Directorate of CENRAD on 15th February 2012. Also, I participated actively in the consultancy service rendered to the Oyo State Government on Data driven approach to performance evaluation, with a view to develop strategy that will enhance evidence-based policy for sustainable development.


UI Sports Contingent to WAUG, University de Abomey Calavi, Republic of Benin. 2004.

UI Sports Contingent to University of Ghana, Legon for Bilateral Games. 2004

UI Sports Contingent to WAUG, University of Lagos, Nigeria. 2005

President, National Association of Osun State Students (NAOSS), University of Ibadan. 2004/05.

Social Director, Faculty of Science Students Association (FASSA), University of Ibadan, Nigeria. 2003/04.

President, Faculty of Science Students Association (FASSA), University of Ibadan, Nigeria. 2004/05.

Statistician of the year, NASS Press, Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. 2004/05

Deputy Scribe/Maintenance Committee Chairman, Sigma Club, University of Ibadan, 2004/05.

Welfare Secretary/Sports Secretary, Students’ Union Transition Committee (SUTC, 2004/05)

PRO, Young Statistician group, NIGERIA. 2012 to date.

Ass. Secretary, Professional Statisticians Society of Nigeria (PSSN), 2017 to date

Ass. Secretary, Professional Statisticians Society of Nigeria (PSSN), 2017 to date

Professional Skills/Expertise

Teaching of statistics courses at undergraduate levels (especially Theories of Demography, Probability and Biometry).

Research proposals writing in Forestry and Public Health studies.

Designing, Collecting, Organizing, Conducting and Analysing demographic survey/field data.

Writing and presenting research reports.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.), E-views, SPSS, MINITAB, STATA, R, MATLAB and PYTHON.

Facilitator at the UI-LISA Workshop on Logistics Regression Modeling and Diagnostic Using R

Facilitator at the Statistical Training on the Use of SPSS and R for Researchers conducted in Ibadan

Facilitator at the Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop conducted by The University of Ibadan Research Foundation (UI-RF) for selected academics from the 13 faculties in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria..

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Course/Training attended

A+ Certification Training in Computer Hardware (Platinum Tech.) – Ibadan, 2003.

Certificate in Internet Technologies (Supratek Info Consults) – Ibadan, 2007.

Certificate in SPSS Training (NACETEM) – Lagos, 2010.

Mentee, University of Ibadan Research Foundation Team on Adolescent Study.

Training Workshop on Basic Computer Tools with Applications and relevance to System Dynamics model building. –Institute of Genetic Chemistry and Laboratory medicine, Ibadan, 2012.

UNDP Training Workshop on Threshold 21 (T21): Using an Integrated model for Climate change & development planning. – July 26 – 27, 2012. Abuja.(CENRAD)

Pre-conference workshop on Mediation Analysis at the XXIXth International Biometric Conference (IBC) of the International Biometric Society held at the Barcelona International Convention Centre, Barcelona, Spain, between 8-13 July 2018.